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Business Continuity Strategy

A good ICT Strategy: Think, Plan, Manage - Let Reflex Solutions help you with your Business Continuity Strategy planningWe are well positioned to offer assistance and services on business continuity, strategy outlines, contingency plans, emergency premises and interim electricity measures. Through needs assessments, conversation with the client and over a decade of experience in the ICT industry, Reflex Solutions not only has simple business continuity strategy solutions to help small, medium and large businesses develop their contingency plans, we also have the infrastructure and Business Continuity Centre to support your company in time of need.

As part of the Reflex infrastructure, we offer the following:

  • Dedicated seats in our Business Continuity Centre

  • Advanced Hardware Replacement policies

  • Virtual and physical backup

  • VPN’s and Telecommuting options

  • The expertise to keep your company and its information safe

Researching and implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery or business continuity strategy outline is the first step in better data protection and business continuity in the event of an unforeseen disaster. We draw alongside clients to help them develop a business continuity strategy that are in line with their needs, take into consideration whatever plans are already in place, and are cost effective and scalable.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Conduct a business impact analysis

  • Identify Critical IT Services

  • Develop a full recovery strategy, Including resource requirements and timelines

  • Develop a full plan framework

  • Run controlled testing exercises

  • Offer the Reflex infrastructure offerings as listed above

We follow up the business continuity strategy outline with a detailed contingency plan that outlines the areas of business that are affected, and planning a mix of options. This including identifying if any staff can telecommute for the duration of the recovery period, which staff need to be relocated to a disaster recovery centre, what Virtual Private Networks need to be accessed and how to access them.

Reflex also offer emergency premises in the form of our Business Continuity Centre, physical seats that can be used during extended periods of downtime and access to the Reflex infrastructure that allows business critical functions to carry on.

In addition to these measures, Reflex also spec and install interim electricity measures such as diesel generators to mitigate all planned and unplanned electricity outages. All businesses rely intrinsically on electricity to perform and operate, but this is particularly true for businesses who require an ‘always on’ service or who rely on software programs and ticketing or CRM systems to interface with clients throughout the day. Automatic-on generators are vital for keeping these kinds of businesses functioning.

Contact us today and let Reflex work with you to develop a business continuity ICT strategy.


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