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Voice Lines

Voice Lines: Dynamic Call Routing with Reflex Solutions Business Continuity SolutionsCommunication with clients through voice lines is critical for business function and customer relations, but there are many foreseen and unforeseen situations that can affect voice lines, from natural disasters to building maintenance to your telecommunications provider being down. If your site should be rendered unavailable for whatever reason, Reflex Solutions have a number of voice line solutions to keep your business connected, 24/7.

We offer the following voice line failover options:

  • Redirection of calls

  • Telephonic Technical support through our Helpdesk

  • Onsite Technical support for SLA clients

  • The foremost solution that we offer to ensure your primary voice line is always available, even in a disaster situation, is the re-routing of calls to your 0860 Telkom number into your existing PABX system, no need for backup systems. Due to the nature of PABX systems and a range of 086 numbers available to Reflex, there are a number of short-term solutions which allow us to route calls through these other numbers within your PABX system without clients being aware that calls are being re-routed during the disaster or maintenance. Once the disaster or maintenance is over, the use of the primary voice line is reinstated.

    Clients who have a signed SLA with Reflex with the option to route calls to our business continuity centre can opt for voice line calls to be directed to your staff to field in the Reflex Solutions continuity centre as well. This option is particularly useful should the downtime be forecast for an extended period of time or in the case where more than two or three staff are needing to be available on landline numbers.

    In conjunction with this, Reflex offers onsite and offsite technical assistance with our qualified and knowledgeable Voice and Networking technicians. Many issues are able to be rectified remotely and our team of Offsite technicians are able to diagnose and fix certain problems over the phone for a speedy recovery. In more serious or time sensitive situations, Reflex Solutions offer the services of qualified onsite voice line, PABX and Networking technicians to diagnose and fix issues.

    With our advanced technical skill, we are in a position to offer industry leading voice line solutions that minimise downtime and ensure that you are always in contact with your clients.


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