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Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Cloud: Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) logoAre your staff being truly productive with the time they spend interacting with clients, or are they spending too much time on client based administrative functions? Do they have the tools to maximise every opportunity?

For many businesses, making connections to clients and building relationships is only half of the customer cycle, but building true loyalty and lasting relationships often slips through the cracks because they are busy with other administrative functions. This second half of the relationship helps a business gain maximum value for time and effort and continued custom from existing clients.

Reflex partners with Microsoft to bring you Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a Customer Relationship Manager that opens up the opportunities to engage with customers in a way that engenders them to your company and puts the tools in the hands of your staff to win business, increase information sharing and simplify your account management. Creating more business means your sales and service staff need to have the right tools at hand at exactly the right time to deliver excellent service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you deliver that service and boosts the following areas of business:

  • Marketing – through campaign tracking and engagement

  • Sales – through funnels, information management and customer life-cycle monitoring

  • Customer Service – through contact and interaction management

  • Customer Communication – through engagement platforms

As Microsoft Dynamics CRM is in the cloud, this Customer Relationship Manager gives anytime access from wherever your sales people are, meaning your team can close more deals in less time. It also means your staff have real-time and up-to-the-minute accurate information.

Because Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Manager is flexible and easy to use, your staff will be using it to boost sales and customer relations in no time, and because it is part of the Microsoft software suite, the interface is designed to work in a way that is familiar to anyone who has worked on other Microsoft software products before. This means that there is no complicated learning curve for your staff as well as quick and easy adoption into infrastructures that use Microsoft.

The question is: Is your company ready? Do your staff have the correct customer relationship management tools to get the most out of every opportunity? If not, ask yourself why not? Reflex Solutions can help you get the most out of your customer relationships, fill in the form to the right and we will contact you to assist.


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