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Microsoft Lync

Cloud: Microsoft Lync logo, your video conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM), status updates and location updating platformThe backbone of any organisation is communication – communication with clients and communication inside your organisation. But simple communication is not enough! Fast, collaborative, intuitive communication is necessary for today’s fast paced business environment.

Microsoft Lync propels your company onto the communication superhighway with features like:

  • Instant Messaging (IM)

  • Voice conferencing

  • Video conferencing

  • Status updates

  • Contact photos

Microsoft Lync also lets you have IM and presence across firewalls, Online meetings with desktop sharing, Activity feeds, Click to communicate from Office contact cards and instant connection to other Lync users.

Added to this are the number of benefits Lync brings with it:

Connect with any device – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is sweeping the business world with staff bringing in their own tablets, smart phones and other devices to the work place. Microsoft Lync is designed to work with an array of devices, including Windows phones and Windos 8 tablets, iOS phones and tablets as well as Android devices. Apps designed for these platforms and a custom built Microsoft Lync  web app means Lync goes with your staff wherever they go, connecting your workforce for more of the day.

Video Conferencing in High Definition – face-to-face meeting is often a luxury in business situations, but if you are not going to be able to meet face-to-face, then video conferencing over Microsoft Lync in High Definition is the next best thing. Setting up and connecting to meetings has been simplified and streamlined to make the conference as easy as possible.

Connection through Skype – Microsoft Lync is an incredibly powerful and useful tool, but there are many of your clients who don’t have access to it, Microsoft are aware of this and have bought Skype which Microsoft Lync 2013 integrates with perfectly, making video conferencing with any client anywhere in the world possible.

Microsoft Lync delivers the very best of collaboration and communication to any size business, the benefits to cost saving due to less out of office meetings, costly landline conference calls and closing deals quicker because of improved communication only narrowly outweigh the benefits your organisation will feel from the quicker and more intuitive communication with each other and with your clients.

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