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Internet Bandwidth

Connectivity: Data from A-Z, Reflex offer a full Internet and Connectivity service with best practice modelsIn terms of direct Internet access, Bandwidth is the amount of data measured in megabytes per second that can be carried from one point to another over copper cable, fibre or wirelessly; connecting you and your business to the internet. In recent years the core capacity of telephone networks has exploded, making more broadband available to end users. The move to unlock local loop unbundling – accessing that core capacity – has been slow, but Reflex are on the forefront of making this technology available to clients as the process unfolds.

Reflex Solutions has the infrastructure and capacity to offer a number of connectivity and local loop options with bandwidth optimisation, which results in a greater benefit to our clients.

A useful offering to connect a company across multiple locations and branches is point-to-point access (VPN), setting up a private network to securely and quickly share information across the internet in your own ‘tunnel’. This offering is great for companies that share a lot of unique information between branches or locations.

We support a range of internet connectivity modules to remote backup, cloud and business continuity options. Through bandwidth optimisation – the practice of reducing bandwidth usage by compressing data at the point of upload while maintaining its integrity and decompressing it at the point of upload – results on a cost saving for clients without changing the way a company goes about their internet usage.

Coupled with this, Reflex offer broadband bandwidth, transmitting signals over a wide band of electromagnetic signals, including over copper, fibre and wirelessly.

Our broadband offerings:


  • Telkom Broadband Service


  • NeoBroadband WiMAX

  • NeoBroadband Fibre

The benefits of using broadband bandwidth:

  • High-quality video conferencing

  • Quick graphic and video downloads

  • Faster internet connectivity

  • More reliable internet connectivity

  • Lower data costs (with bandwidth optimisation in place)

  • Reflex Solutions peace of mind

Not sure how your current Telkom bandwidth is performing?
Use this tool to check your current Bandwidth:
Telkom Bandwidth tool

Internet Bandwidth often requires other infrastructure and services to ensure the full value is derived from the service. Reflex Solutions offer our Internet Bandwidth offering within our full basket of IT and Communication services, connected to this offering, clients can take advantage of over a decade in the IT industry as an ISP, dedicated and trained Helpdesk agents as well as our other products and service offerings. Included in these products and services is Hosted Exchange, Storage, Networking, Telephony and complete Microsoft offerings including email. Contact us using the ‘Contact us’ form to help you connect your bandwidth connection to truly useful services.


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