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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connectivity: Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with Reflex Solutions - all your private information transferred securely and quickly A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a ‘private tunnel’ or network that is routed through a major unsecured and untrusted network – such as the Internet – while remaining private and only allowing recognised users access. VPN’s are the replacement technology for old ISDN lines and depending on the size of your existing network, a VPN can be created in a private network as well. For VPN’s routed through the Internet, it can be accessed anywhere the Internet is accessible allowing mobile workers, travelling sale people or technicians to connect quickly and securely in remote locations.

For businesses with Intranet’s and other Wide Area Network (WAN) applications, by including a VPN to your infrastructure, all the resources associated with the Intranet can be accessed remotely. A VPN can also be used as a cheaper alternative to a Wide Area Network (WAN) as the two perform a similar function – connecting geographically distant locations to central information and infrastructure.

For added security, the data being sent is encrypted, meaning even if data is intercepted it cannot be read. A Virtual Private Network works by launching a VPN client on your staff members computer logging in with credentials and exchanging a passkey with your server. Only once the passkey has been verified by both machines will information be passed across the VPN adding an extra layer of protection. In addition to these security measures, information sent over a VPN is checked on the receiving end to see if it has been tampered with in any way, ensuring peace of mind when receiving the information.

The VPN which Reflex Solutions supplies is specifically designed to deliver an efficient, scalable and reliable way of connecting a customer’s sites together irrespective of location, allowing interconnectivity and communication with a number of branch offices as well as catering for mobile workers. Because a VPN uses a shared public infrastructure, while maintaining privacy through security procedures, the costs are greatly reduced.

The VPN Service uses MPLS technology, thus enabling Reflex Solutions to differentiate between types of traffic by quality of service and thereby allocating appropriate priority to each application of the VPN Service.


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