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IT and Telecommunications Hardware Storage

While we prefer to install and implement complete solutions, we also supply IT and telecommunications hardware. Our skilled Sales and Account Managers are able to assess and recommend new and replacement equipment as well as additional equipment to implement with existing infrastructures.

In addition to stand alone equipment, Reflex also offer two storage options: First is a bundled package Network Access Servers (NAS) offering, this is an offering that gives an all-in-one out the box solution for file storage. Everything is included in the package with no mess and no fuss.

We also offer iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SAN), which centralises and consolidates storage. This option gives a better cost of ownership and because it is a consolidated option, it is more cost effective. Another benefit is the use of thin provisioning, whereby a process of monitoring used space, additional information can be stored on the network that is greater than the initially allocated storage space.


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