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Network Access Protection

With the advent of BYOD as well as a number of company issued portable devices like laptops seeking access to your network daily, out-of-date and compromised devices pose a serious risk to the health of your network. Therefore, alongside firewall and intruder prevention systems, managing who and what devices have access to the network becomes important for the protection of the network.

Network Access Protection is a solution that has been designed to bulk up security to the network by controlling access to the network based on a users identity and compliance. NAP creates user access permissions, allowing the network to determine if a user may access the network based on who the user is and how they comply with the company compliance rules.

NAP can identify if the user is compliant – and therefore safe to allow access. If the user is barred because of non-compliance, they are provided with a mechanism to automatically bring the client back into compliance. Depending on the rules set up, noncompliant users can be quarantined or automatically updated so that the user can regain access to the network without the IT department’s intervention.

Some of the advantages of implementing a Network Access Protection solution:

  • Collection and management of network and composite computer health information

  • Improved network health

  • Automatic verification of the health state of roaming laptop computers every time they log onto the network

  • Allows an automation of health state checks for desktop computers and other devices

Network Access Protection is one step in many that will ensure the safety and the health of a network, Reflex partner with Microsoft to offer and configure this solution for the benefit of your network. Reflex understands that ensuring network stability is crucial, therefore businesses need a service provider that can be trusted. Reflex has built its reputation on reliability.

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