Business today is challenged by the speed and volume of information that we receive, which compels us to do more in less time. Effective communication is therefore critical, which is why a technology partner who rises to the challenge is key to enhancing the bottom line of every business.

Reflex Solutions has over ten years experience in delivering effective communication and in providing clients with a business partner they can rely on to stay ahead of the game and provide their business with best of breed business solutions to help grow business.

Enterprise business demands a top level of skill from their partners, and Reflex Solutions delivers on this requirement with a highly skilled, partner certified and enterprise experienced team. This allows our team to work actively with experienced solution architects and customers in designing and implementing a solution relevant to the business needs. Unique Service level agreements (SLAs), in line with customer compliance and corporate governance requirements are then provided to back up the implementation and provide peace of mind.

Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME) are equally dependant on a strong IT infrastructure, but with the chief difference being that SMEs often need to acquire such infrastructure with a limited budget. It is for this reason that Reflex Solutions has developed offerings to provide this market with the type of skills normally reserved for big business, but at SME market prices.
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