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Whether your business is an SME or a large enterprise, Reflex offers solutions that are both robust and scalable by design.

Reflex Solutions sells Pop3, Microsoft Office 365 and dedicated exchange as a mail service. We also manage on premise dedicated installations of Microsoft Exchange

Benefits of Office 365:

  • All services give users access to their emails anywhere, anytime.
  • Hosted exchange or Office 365:
    • Allows users to synchronize computers, tablets and other devices easily as it works as an online service.
    • Emails are stored indefinitely in the datacenter thus minimizing the loss of emails should the user’s endpoint device fail or get stolen.
    • This solution is scalable to meet your requirements.
  • There is built in redundancy through automatic daily backups
Name Description Features
Office 365 Kiosk Cost effective licenses for deskless workers 1 GB online mailbox
Office 365 Online Users can connect to outlook but no office application 50 GB mailbox
Office 365 Business Up to 300 users Includes office applications and I TB One Drive Storage
Office 365 Business Premium Includes the Office 365 Business offer as well as Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams and Business Class Email Includes office applications and I TB One Drive Storage
Office 365 Enterprise Unlimited One Drive, All Office Apps, Teams and in-built archiving (unlimited) as well as Data Loss Protection 100 GB Mailbox

Spam Filtering as a Service

  • This screens inbound and outbound emails to protect it from malicious content
  • It is hosted locally on cloud infrastructure and is designed for redundancy, ensuring an ‘always-on’ service.
  • The spam filtering servers are constantly monitored by Reflex Solutions
  • The spam filtering panel is accessible 24/7 via the client portal – allowing you to manage and monitor emails that are passing through the filter.

Signature Management as a Service

This service centrally adds professional, consistent email signatures to all emails processed by a Microsoft Exchange server. That means Exchange signatures can be added to any device or client including mobiles. Some features include

  • varying email signatures for different teams and departments.
  • promoting important events, promotions and activities with your email signature
  • adding social media links to your signature


Purchasing and renewing licenses is a time intensive exercise. Reflex Solutions can take control of all your software licensing. We have established relationships with top software and application providers to manage vendor licenses, escalate issues and help you get the support you need.

Service provider licence Agreement (SPLA)

With any server hosted at Reflex Solutions, clients can take the option of Microsoft SPLA Licensing. This is a unique model that can only be provided to servers in the cloud. Licensing can be daunting to businesses, but at Reflex Solutions, our Microsoft SPLA Licensing is super simple to understand and can be purchased on a month basis allowing you the scale up and down as you need.

These Microsoft products include:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Exchange
  • Office Suite
  • Terminal Services

Cloud Solution Provider Agreement (CSPA)

CSPA allows us to supply the Microsoft 365 product range to clients as a reduced cost and premium service level.

Microsoft 365 products can be used to license

  • Desktop operating systems
  • Office Suiter
  • Productivity services
  • Power BI
  • Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • One Drive

Benefits of SPLA and CSPA licensing in the cloud

  • Flexible cost structure - Clients do not invest in volume licensing and pay a large capex once a year
  • No long term commitment - Licensing is a month to month model and clients do not get stuck into a contractual term
  • Furthermore, each license can be used on up to five devices
  • All licenses can be re-allocated to new users so licenses never go to waste.
  • Licences are independent of the hardware

Website Hosting and Domain registration

Your website domain name is an integral part of your corporate identity and brand image. It is what people see when they search for you online, and what they type in their browsers to find out more about you.

Reflex Solutionsprovides a domain checking and purchasing services. We will be able to confirm availability of your preferred website name and domain and we offer country-specific domain registrations.

Reflex will provide fully redundant DNS services for your domains with servers in South Africa as well as the USA. This ensures premium response times for your clients wherever they browse from.

We will ensure the safety of your domain name where all fees etc are up to date to avoid a costly outage on your domain services.

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