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Tier III Data Centre

Owning our core fibre network and Tier III data centre puts us in control of service delivery and pricing.

It gives us flexibility and the ability to address market needs. This is a key reason why we are able to provide streamlined support and installation.

Reflex Solutions owns a Tier III Data Centre that is located at our premises in Dunkeld West, Johannesburg. A Tier III Data Centre is concurrently maintainable, allowing for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting the operation of computer hardware located in the data centre. Fire suppression is also provided via a FM3 gas system. The data centre is secured via access control and CCTV monitoring where power, environmental metrics and fire suppression is monitored offsite 24/7.

Tier III has an expected uptime of 99.982% (1.6 hours of downtime annually).

Our Data Centre is designed to save energy and optimise power consumption, making it more efficient and less costly to run, which helps to contain costs and meet sustainability targets. There are service level agreements in place for redundancy and uptime. In addition to our data centre, we have connectivity into all data centres in the country. We do not buy a managed service but have built our own fibre infrastructure and light it up at speeds between 20 GB/s and 100 GB/s.

Benefits to our clients:

By paying a monthly fee to Reflex Solutions, companies can reap the benefits of having a full IT infrastructure.

Cost effective

Cost effective

The cost of purchasing server hardware, installing it onsite, equipping it with security and redundancy measures together with employing IT staff qualified to operate the server is a huge financial commitment for a business.



You do not need to go to the effort and cost of building a dedicated server room, it also allows for better Business Continuity planning.

no maintenance

No maintenance or repair

Companies do not have to maintain server hardware, ensure its upkeep or troubleshoot in moments of crisis.


Security – Data care, security and protection

Our security measures help you meet governance requirements for data care, security and protection. We use sophisticated access control and surveillance systems to ensure that only authorised people may access our data centres.

fire suppression

Security - Fire suppression systems

Our fire-suppression systems are of an international standard to reduce the risk of fire damage.


Cybercrime and hacking security

To protect the data centre from attacks like cybercrime and hacking, we use the latest firewalls and network access-control systems.

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