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Help your mobile workforce be efficient, while minimising costs and maintaining network security

Businesses are empowering staff to work on the move, to become high achievers and to use an array of devices. As the culture of working remotely continues to grow, employees rely on secure connectivity that affords them the opportunity to work from anywhere. Mobility has become synonymous to organization agility, increased engagement and productivity.

Reflex Solutions have aligned with South Africa’s strongest mobile networks in formulating an enterprise mobility strategy and provides customised tools that give advanced applications, enhanced security and integrated access.

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Mobile service providers do not traditionally offer flexible wireless and LTE options and often lock customers into fixed term contracts. Fortunately, Reflex Solutions is a licenced wholesale partner of Telkom Mobile and Vodacom and can offer a monthly per meg billing option on sim cards. LTE is ideal for mobile workers or as a fixed backup solution and it allows for a pay-as-you-use service.

There are three types of LTE data connectivity:

Consumer internet (capped data bundles)

Users are managed independently from one another where they work with a capped solution that can be topped up when required. Reports can be compiled on each employee’s usage.

Corporate internet (usage-based billing)

Users are centrally managed, and a total data usage limit is purchased for the entire company. Users may have a data limit assigned to them. Reports can be compiled on each employee’s usage and on the total company usage. Pricing is done per megabyte on the total company usage.

Corporate APN (direct corporate network access)

Reflex Solutions provides fast, secure connectivity from mobile devices to your corporate WAN. All users connect directly to the corporate network and can access all of the company’s applications. Users can access the internet through the MPLS internet breakout and their access can be controlled via the centrally managed firewall as if they were in the office. All firewall rules that are in place for users while they are at the office apply to users when they use their LTE cards. This limits abuse and assists your business in applying user policies. Users may have a data limit assigned to them while a cap may be applied to the entire business. Reports can be compiled on each employee’s usage and on the total company usage.


Keeping data secure

Immediate provisioning of users and sim cards

Controlling costs via

  • the monitoring and control of mobile data usage – Reflex supplies a management platform that creates comprehensive usage reports, limit notifications, and data budget notifications
  • single pool of data for organisation - combined bundles for an entire APN are cost effective and can be managed from a centralised platform.
  • accurate and on time billing

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