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Reflex Fibre Network

Reflex Solutions have been involved in the fibre industry since the explosion of fibre in South Africa.

  • We house the first DFA aggregation node in our Tier III Data Centre
  • We brought the first house live on the Fibrehoods FTTH network

One of the largest dark fibre metro networks in South Africa

dark fibre network

Since we supply fully managed backhaul services to Fibre Network Operators (FNOs), we have easy access to dark fibre.

Since we supply fully managed backhaul services to Fibre Network Operators (FNOs), we have easy access to dark fibre.

In Gauteng our dark fibre network extends all the way from Boksburg in the East Rand to Krugersdorp in the West Rand and from Joburg South to Centurion.

In Kwa-Zulu Natal our dark fibre network is built from Ballito in the North Coast to Port Shepstone in the South Coast to Pietermaritzburg, the province’s capital.

Our dark fibre network is a mix of self-built fibre and leased fibre that uses Huawei OTN, Metro Ethernet and Layer 3 technologies to provide a high-speed, resilient network. We invest heavily into our connectivity network infrastructure and carry a significant amount of traffic.

Our core infrastructure can carry up to 600 GB/s.

Benefits to our customers:



Fibre optic cables can be lit up to 200 Gbps on a single wavelength depending on the distance of the fibre cable itself. With Reflex Fibre, you will receive a consistent line speed that will not vary according to the amount of people online or the time of day.



With Reflex Solutions, we have total control over our own network and manage our own products – which is essential for companies who depend on reliable and fast communication from point to point, or between centres that communicate large amounts of data to each other and require efficiency.

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no third party

No third party

Do not rely on an ISP who in turn relies on a middleman, or a reseller who has no control over quality. We offer direct support; you do not rely on a third party and this eliminates a lot of frustration. We can also configure our fibre.



With fast upload speeds a business can back up its data quickly and conveniently. High-capacity connections enable advanced cybersecurity services via the cloud. Your data is highly secure and never enters the public internet. Since you are the only ‘customer’ on your network, you can specify the security protocol and standards you will be using - including encryption standards and settings.

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high redundancy

High redundancy

Reflex fibre is built with high redundancy. We use Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) for all of our metro networks and this allows us to tolerate any kind of failure in the fibre network. If we lose one part of the core network, then traffic is automatically re-routed to another part of the network.

high redundancy

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We offer SLAs that provide a guarantee for redundancy, speed and service that was promised. If there is an issue, our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will proactively notify you of any problems, of actions taken to fix them and the time when your service will return to normal.

Greater footprint

Greater footprint

Reflex Fibre’s extensive coverage can offer your business access to areas that normal operators do not typically touch. We continuously expand and reinvest into our own network. Where there is no Reflex Fibre coverage, we have strategic partnerships with third party fibre suppliers and are able to offer our customers the best possible fibre solution.

What is Dark Fibre?

Traditionally, dark fibre is optical fibre infrastructure (cabling and repeaters) that is currently in place but is not being used.

The term ‘Dark Fibre’ has now evolved to encompass the practice of leasing ‘dark’ fibre optic cables from network providers and operators. A client will lease unused strands of ‘dark’ fibre optic cable to create their own privately-operated optical fibre network rather than just leasing bandwidth. The Dark Fibre network is separate from the main network and is controlled by the client rather than the network provider. With Dark Fibre, a client can expect to get high levels of performance, a highly secure network and superfast speeds.

Reflex Solutions has an extensive Dark Fiber network in all the major metros in South Africa. This network uses Huawei OTN, Metro Ethernet and Layer 3 technologies to provide a high-speed, resilient network. We leverage this network to allow FNOs to focus on rolling out the last mile concentrating on their targeted area. We will then provide high speed connectivity (typically starting at 10GB/s) from the Central office or PoP back to our ISP interconnection network. Typically, we provide this backhaul service on a long-term risk-based model where we partner with the FNOs on a price-per-service model.


While your business waits for the deployment of fibre, Reflex Solutions can offer temporary wireless links for connectivity.

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