Adding Value To Your Business

We add value to your business

Focus on your core business while we take care of your IT challenges

Reduce ICT Costs

Have access to systems on pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow models that include infrastructure, remote storage and software licensing, often at a lower cost than in-house implementation. We also help companies assign and manage their IT assets in a way that supports budget and strategic objectives. Furthermore, Reflex Solutions can help a company understand their true ICT costs as they are often decentralised – printing costs may be under stationary costs, telephony with facilities, each branch may absorb their own IT expenses.

By outsourcing all your ICT, Reflex Solutions can give greater visibility of your total ICT expenditure: from your phone calls to WAN. It is only by understanding and managing your total expenditure that you can truly start to reduce costs.

Reduce HR Costs and staff management challenges

It is extremely difficult to create an in-house IT department comprising two or three employees who are knowledgeable in all the different fields of IT. Motivating such a team and retaining them is a major challenge as in-house departments rarely offer the career growth staff are looking for.

By out-sourcing your ICT solutions, you reduce the need for in-house staff, significantly decreasing payroll, recruiting and training costs. Furthermore, you will have access to a vast array of people who are experts in their own fields without having to manage them in-house and at a fraction of the labour-related costs.

A single point of contact

At Reflex Solutions, we provide end-to-to end ICT solutions, eliminating the need to work with other third parties.

Through our fully owned data centre and in-house highly qualified personnel, we give you streamlined support and installation. We provide a dedicated Fractional CIO as well as a Service Desk to your employees. The challenges evident when the internet goes down or a computer crashes are not only physical; they are highly emotional. Workers worry about lost productivity, threatened security, and disappearing information. With a skilled IT services provider, such worries subside because your employees have direct contact with our services desk and we work hard to ensure services are up and running smoothly.

Deep understanding of ICT, its architecture as well as the services and outcomes organisations require

By partnering with your business and analysing your unique IT needs, we focus on providing the correct ICT solution. By consolidating and centralising your IT platforms, we can help your business become more efficient and scalable. We help formulate an ICT strategy that is planned and constructive to your business and assists with creating and keeping budgets up to date. With Reflex Solutions, you will always keep abreast with the latest technologies.

Increased competitiveness

Companies that try to implement and maintain all ICT infrastructure themselves must dedicate substantially more time and budget to ICT research, development, and implementation. This results in a key problem for the company: more time spent on non-core items. The costs are likely passed onto the customers, which means that the business becomes less competitive regarding product and service prices.

By spending time on ICT challenges instead of their core business, a company’s competitiveness suffers as they slow down their operations while attempting to solve ICT challenges while other businesses are moving faster. Focus on your core business while Reflex Solutions takes care of all your ICT requirements.

Maturity and stability

It takes a long time for any team to decide on what tech to use, implement processes, define roles and responsibilities and choose software systems. By tapping into the way we offer our services, you gain our 20 years of maturity in a very short period-of-time. We implement a working model in your business and allow you to focus on business differentiators.

Faster results

As our infrastructural solutions are best of breed, pre-integrated, feature rich and scalable - we can implement similar solutions into all our clients and this makes our teams incredibly well oiled in their delivery and wealth of knowledge in solutions. Items like implementing a country wide ERP (which is usually a mammoth task) is a regular day in the office for our teams.

Decrease risk

Our Security Operations Centre, through routine upgrades and security checks reduces cyber vulnerabilities. When disaster management and recovery are tackled with competence, employees tend to be less anxious. Reflex Solutions has in depth knowledge of all ICT security and compliance issues. Furthermore, by using Reflex Solutions your company inadvertently have a bigger pool of skills, mature processes and dedicated teams to monitor and maintain IT infrastructure as well as bigger budgets to cater for redundancy.

Business continuity

We will take the time to understand how your ICT needs to cope when disaster strikes, from there we will design and implement a suitable plan and necessary infrastructure to allow your business to operate in the event of a disaster. Due to our skilled technicians, we increase the speed of repair, reduce your downtime and decrease your business risk.

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