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Reflex Solutions now offer Software Defined Experience

Digital Transformation is the buzzword of the day for businesses to secure a profitable future and is fast becoming a necessity for any size business. With this conversion comes network automation, which is one of the key pillars to build a solid foundation for companies to implement digital transformation effectively.

Reflex Solutions defines digital transformation in simple terms as using digital technologies, such as mobile, social, analytics, and cloud to transform how people work and businesses operate. For businesses to survive and thrive in this new era they have to embrace digital transformation. Businesses that hope to compete are in a constant race to evolve and adopt ICT technologies before these technologies become irrelevant and the business fails and become a lost cause.

Businesses that are embracing digital transformation and connecting their processes, systems, people, and data with the latest ICT technologies and solutions are getting a deeper insight into what’s happening in their business. They are also able to anticipate what will happen and capitalise on that insight quickly to establish more favourable business outcomes.

It is time to step away from relying on individual digital technologies to solve business problems and to start looking at solutions that incorporate various adaptive technologies to transform how your company functions and to thrive on the opportunities it offers.

The answer lies in the Cloud

Digital transformation does not happen overnight. However, there is good news for those organisations that are looking to expedite transforming. Software Defined Experience is a solution that provides customers with a modern and familiar experience featuring built-in automation, insights, intelligence and monitoring, which is a secure basis for further development and expansion.

Reflex Solutions is now able to offer its clients and businesses interested in digital transformation the Software Defined Experience solution with connection through a fibre infrastructure and hosting in a Tier 3 Datacentre in Johannesburg.

Campus cloud Structure

Migrating to the Cloud is an ever increasing and popular solution for organisations. According to Gartner, this year will see over 75% of mid-size and large organisations adopting a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy and by 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation. Unlike past initiatives, digital transformation does not have a definite end goal. Businesses, therefore, need a new approach and digital transformation should not be treated as a project with concrete timelines and budget, but rather as a product that requires continuous development.

Reflex Solutions in collaboration with its trusted partner, share the vision of being the enablers of choice for this transformation.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand the complexities of network management and we recognise the challenge this presents when organisations are preparing for cloud adoption or implementing SD-WAN.

As an organisation that builds and manages the Information and Communication Technologies, which forms the backbone that powers businesses, Reflex Solutions is confident in its ability to traverse the steps towards digital transformation and setting businesses up to solidify future growth.

CC Traditional vs Cloud

Through the application of advanced technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate processes (Hyperautomation) Reflex Solutions package integration, DevOps, monitoring, and control together in a single and easily manageable bundle, whilst considering the full lifecycle of automation. This approach simplifies the management of complex dependencies across diverse platforms through the automation of end-to-end workflows and gives IT professionals a single dashboard through which they can monitor and manage diverse environments. The Cloud Campus solution assists in simplifying network device installations, deployment, service adjustment and software upgrades to further improve efficiency.

The challenges C-suite and IT managers face when it comes to security, data protection and cloud traffic in South Africa is real. It is evident that traditional models are not on par with the quality users expect today. With Reflex Solution’s Cloud Campus architecture organisations are given a combination of SD-WAN, SD-LAN and converged deployment on an OPEX model that is cost-effective, exemplary and which companies can scale at their own pace.

For more information regarding Reflex Solution’s Cloud Campus architecture Powered by Huawei, contact us at and we’ll help you simplify your network.

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