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The Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre (JHGC)

Who are they?

The JHGC seeks to raise awareness of:

  • the evils of genocide with a particular focus on the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda
  • to serve as a memorial to the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust
  • all victims of Nazi Germany
  • and the estimated 800,000 Tutsi victims of the Genocide in Rwanda
  • to teach about the consequences of prejudice, racism, antisemitism, homophobia and xenophobia and the dangers of indifference, apathy, and silence to freedom and democracy.

The JHGC is a not-for-profit educational institution and our expenses are covered through donations and partnerships with individuals, foundations, corporations, embassies and national and international government and non-government organisations.

Our role

The JHGC sought our ICT expertise during their design phase. Together with our suppliers we decided to supply all our services at no cost. Five years later, we are proud to still be their ICT service provider, continuing to support their vision and expansion.

Why we felt that its important

We believe that educating South Africans on how quickly and easily these atrocities can occur is particularly important. We have a dark history of apartheid as well as many groups of minorities within South Africa and if we don’t educate the youth of the need for empathy and tolerance of others we are all at risk of either being a victim or potentially worse - a perpetrator.

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