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August 2019

Reflex Solutions launches Security Operations Centre


Reflex Solutions has launched a Security Operations Centre (SOC) with the aim of combatting the growing number of cybersecurity threats in South Africa.


Speaking about the launch of the SOC, Pieter van Zyl, Business Unit Manager of Reflex’s Security Operations Centre said: “It seems that almost every day we see yet another high-profile cyber-attack crippling businesses. The launch of our SOC is a giant leap towards addressing this by providing a holistic view in proactively monitoring and tackling these cyber security threats, before they even have a chance to reach organisations. By managing customer security needs, it frees the time for our customers to focus on the day-to-day running of their businesses.”

“There is no ‘silver bullet’ that can safeguard a client’s IT infrastructure and data and this is why there are thousands of different products and solutions that are available to address cyber security issues. Frankly, we find that our customers are confused and overwhelmed by the different terminologies and all of these options and this is why we have created a SOC where our team of security experts can formulate and implement a cohesive, focussed cyber security plan that is easy to understand with solutions that are suited to a client’s specific business strategy and budget. ” added van Zyl.

After a significant amount of testing, Reflex Solutions formed a strategic partnership with ESET – a global leader in cybersecurity. “Based on our research, we believe that ESET has the strongest anti-virus and anti-malware software out there and we, at Reflex Solutions, naturally want to give our customers the best possible solution available. They have AV capabilities that no other vendors have, and their products are correctly priced for local markets. ESET allows us to provide a proactive approach to threat management by making use of technologies like LiveGrid, Machine Learning, DNA Detection and HIPS. Since our partnership three years ago, we can proudly say that we have had zero infections. In fact, with ESET, we have detected and deferred thousands of malicious attempts.”

As an end – to – end ICT solutions provider, Reflex Solutions embeds security in everything that they deliver – cloud, connectivity, end user computing and communications. This gives Reflex Solutions a holistic view of cyber security where they can secure all IT environments.

Reflex Solutions’ SOC will also place a huge focus on a proactive approach to data and client protection, and this will be coupled with high-quality business continuity solutions that will assist stakeholders in recovering speedily in the event of a cyberattack.

“We believe that the more layers of security, the more secure your infrastructure. Our multi-layered approach starts at the core systems and works through to various zones. Security needs to be integrated into your IT design and this is why our end-to-end IT service is a huge competitive advantage and provides the greatest security for our clients,” explained van Zyl.

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