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February 2021

Reflex becomes a Huawei Value added Partner

Reflex Solutions has taken another step towards excellence and has been elevated to Huawei Value Added Partner (VAP) status in the Huawei Enterprise Channel Partner Programme, as of February 2021.

“It is a massive honour for us to have been elevated to Huawei VAP status. It shows that we have grown to become a one of the largest players in the market – a position that warrants a direct partnership with Huawei. At the same time, it is a great recognition of the hard work Reflex Solutions’ has put in and the growth we have gone through to reach this level of trust and participation,” says David Robinson, Reflex Solutions’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Reflex Solutions’ relationship with Huawei started in 2015 when Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Greg Wilson, opened the doors for Huawei to not only sell products to the fibre network operators that were starting up all over the place, these carriers product were not traditionally sold through partners, however Huawei saw the value in a partnership with Reflex and we both put massive effort into ensuring Reflex were skilled up, had the required operations, stockholding, 24/7 NOC and footprint to be able to deliver such services.

“Through our dedication and hard work, including our focus on having the best skilled resources in- house at Reflex to provide our clients with exceptional ICT products, solutions and services we now have a direct line to Huawei and its carrier and enterprise product ranges and skills-pool,” Robinson explains.

Reflex Solutions is considered as having the highest skills in the products that we service. We take a lot of pride in having the rights skills and certifications needed to provide the wide range of end-to- end ICT solutions and services it provides its clients with. This, according to Robinson, is all due to the culture within Reflex Solutions to continue learning, growing, and improving and taking the young guys to greater heights through on-the-ground training.

“Training has always been part of our culture and ethos, and we have therefore decided to establish a dedicated training department in our ecosystem, featuring a focussed Learner Management System (LMS), to further expand skills development and for everyone to take responsibility and more accountability for the growth of themselves and the organisation,” he adds. We support Huawei’s effort to grow skill within the country by offering first time employment to many of the Huawei university graduates.

The company is retaining its partnership with Mustek as distributor for all other Huawei products necessary to provide the full scope of ICT solutions to its clients. Since 2015 Mustek has been Reflex Solutions’ distribution partner for all Huawei products to serve its clients with high-quality product and after-sales service. Mustek has contributed hugely towards Reflex Solutions’ growth over the years and remains a valued partner to the organisation.

Clients will receive many benefits from this change including better pricing, faster response times, larger stock holdings and a very focussed team with strong support from Huawei.

“We simply now have the ability to offer better price parity, bigger volumes and better control on exchange risks. Our quality of service remains as before. We continue to grow and work together with all our partners. This Huawei VAP status is an elevation of our brand in the bigger scheme of things,” Robinson concludes.

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