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January 2020

Refreshed brand and new website for Reflex Solutions

Refreshed Brand and Website


Reflex Solutions is extremely excited to announce the launch of its fresh brand appearance and new, user friendly website.

“This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Since its inception, Reflex Solutions has always remained focused on providing high value ICT solutions that are critical to the development and growth of the companies it serves. However, we have continued to grow and evolve and have added a vast number of products and services to our basket of ICT tools whilst continuing to offer the highest standards of customer service to our clients - both existing and new,” adds Greg Wilson, CEO of Reflex Solutions.

With this in mind, Reflex Solutions modified its brand to reflect its ambitions. The new brand appearance is fresh, modern and professional. The new website, which, apart from having a clean and colourful new look, is now much more focussed on explaining how Reflex Solutions’ core service sets can help businesses to achieve its goals.

“Our fresh new brand appearance clearly reflects the direction and image of our business as we look to the future. Our revamped website is user friendly, simple, and easy to understand, from both an internal and external point of view, and states much more clearly what we as a company are about We have added videos, case studies and articles to make people understand more about who we are, what drives us, and how we like to work.”

Moving forward, Reflex Solutions intends to continue adding material to its website on a rolling basis, particularly to the ‘News and Insights’ section, which will be filled with useful white papers, how-to guides and infographics to further demystify some of the more complex themes of ICT.

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