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May 2021

Reflex Solutions CSI Sponsorship: Bluebird Parents Quiz-nights

Reflex Solutions, as is the company’s custom to collaborate and give, sponsored the Dunkeld West not-for-profit organisation, Bluebird School, to host three social events for the parents of the children attending the school.

The initiative was run by the Bluebird Parents Association and consisted of three themed Quiz-night evenings held between March and May 2021.

Reflex sponsored the two chefs that prepared the food for guests, as well as hosted the three events in its custom designed American style Diner, at no cost.

“We felt that it was needed to again have social events to get the parents of our children together after such a long and restrictive COVID-19 lockdown period and offer reprieve from the stresses they had to endure with their children unable to go to school or go play with friends. The Bluebird school is very family orientated and is a small community with only 104 children in the school, and we lost that family-type bond during the lockdown. Parents and the children did not see each other much or socialise at all during this past year, which was normally the case in this small community,” says Paulette Wilson, member of the Bluebird Parents Association and wife of Greg Wilson, Executive Chair of the Reflex Solutions Board of Directors.

With the Bluebird quiz-evenings collaborative sponsorships was again the order of the day. Meat World Northcliff sponsored meat while Dunkeld Fornos sponsored bread rolls, with other sponsorships including meal vouchers from Nice Parkhurst and Speakeasy Craighall to with facial vouchers from Lazerderm Parkhurst.

Says Greg Wilson: “As with our other Reflex projects, like the joint partner-sponsored secure WiFi solution implemented at Chris Hani Baragwanath academic hospital in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, Reflex felt it necessary to extend assistance to make a difference in people’s lives during trying times. Assisting, be it companies with their IT needs, or individuals and organisations by other means, is something that is enshrined in Reflex Solution’s being. The company endeavours to support wherever it can and always encourage other to do the same.”

Parents were very appreciative of these events and comments from those who attended were all positive.

“Thank YOU so much - those quiz nights were simply fantastic. It was such fun and such good questions. Please thank your team. Well done for being so generous and involved!!!,” said Clementine Smit:

“Thank you to the PA team for organising such fun events!! Thank you to Reflex Solutions for hosting us. I may have no voice today but the evening was well worth it!!,” said Georgi Armstrong.

The American style diner where the quiz-nights were hosted is also the canteen where Reflex employees have lunch, fully funded by the business. Wilson felt it very important that staff have a great meal at work and takes pride in the Diner, even featuring some of his personal memorabilia from his USA travels to the décor of the space for all staff to enjoy.

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